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Harmony OS app development

  • Huawei launches Harmony OS, get your App adapted to it now.
  • Our app development company has coded over 300 apps worldwide.
  • Harmony OS app development at the right price and top quality.
  • App developers with great experience in Barcelona.
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Harmony OS app development has become a reality. Now, every startup can benefit from Huawei's operating system and extend to a new niche of users/customers. Harmony app development quote is now easier than ever.

Our company will carry your Harmony OS app development

We are a team of iOS, Android and harmony app developers full of success stories. Our app development company is specialised in Startup and SMEs but also has proven results with large enterprises.

If you are looking for a Harmony OS app development agency, we are your team. Get your Harmony OS App development quote now for free. We will send its pricing to you within 48 working hours, guaranteed and to no commitment!

Create Harmony OS app?

How to code a Harmony OS app for Huawei is a recurring question nowadays. It has been a while since iOS and Android ruled the market. Now, you must create a Harmony OS app if you want to conquer nearly the 100% of mobile app users. But, how to create a Harmony app?

Our Harmony OS app developers use Huawei DevEco Studio as the development IDE. It is not available for Linux but we only work with Apple computers!

Anyway, don't worry, we will create your Harmony OS app for you. Just let us know what you need and we will make the magic occur!

Where are Harmony OS apps published?

After creating a Harmony OS app, we will publish it on Huawei AppGallery to make sure that your users/customers can download and install your app in their phones. It usually takes between 5 to 10 days to get the app published after it has been successfully coded and tested.

Let's see how our company creates Harmony OS apps


Our app consultants will help you land your idea, and define its Functional Analysis.


UX/UI definition is one of our specialities. Our in-house designers will make a great job for you.

Code and launch

When your Harmony OS app is fully designed, we will code it and upload it to Huawei AppGallery.

Harmony OS app creation

Contact our app development company now and get a free quote in 48 working hours.

What will you find in Abalit Technologies?

  • A Harmony OS app development team
  • A strategical app coding partner
  • A Startup, SME and large companies specialised agency
  • We will code your Harmony OS app even surpassing your expectations

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